School Profile

Veritas Christi High School


Coed: 7-12

Contact Information

  • Charles (Chip) Clearwater, Principal/Co-Founder (269-744-6138) | Richard Nye, President/Co-Founder (734-645-1643) | Bruce Crane, Director of Institutional Advancement (720-879-1012)
  • 640 Ridgewood Ct. Ann Arbor, MI 46103
School Summary

Veritas Christi High School’s (VCHS) mission is to serve and empower students with special needs for class and for life by utilizing the absolute best educational research and practices. VCHS is a Christocentric school that revolves around a shared love of learning and is permeated by the teachings of Jesus Christ, faithful to the Holy Father, Magisterium and vigorously orthodox. We have an experienced creative faculty/administration with graduate degrees and endorsements in special education. With two innovative curriculums and very small classes, Veritas Christi High School begins a new Roman Catholic educational tradition. VCHS students will find a friendly, supportive atmosphere that encourages and fosters independence, creativity, imagination, and academic excellence.

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