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St. Monica Academy


Coed: Grades 1-12

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St. Monica Academy

Member, Catholic High School Honor Roll, Top 50 Schools:

St. Monica Academy

Honorable Mention: Civic Education

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St. Monica Academy, an independent, Catholic, coeducational school for grades 1-12, is at the forefront of a renaissance in classical education, a time-honored method of teaching that inspires students to excel academically and morally. Founded by parents in 2001, the school provides 248 students in grades 1-12 with an academically rigorous education using a classical curriculum. Due to a steady growth in enrollment, St. Monica’s moved to the campus of Holy Redeemer Parish in Montrose in the summer of 2015. The newly renovated school site features a spacious elementary school building, new classrooms for the high school, a refurbished locker arcade, new landscaping, a computer lab, library, science lab, and expansive outdoor space.


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