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St. Luke's Mission of Mercy

St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy

Coed: Grades PreK-8

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St. Luke\’s Mission Of Mercy is an independent Mission with a Roman Catholic Tradition in the inner city of Buffalo, New York. This community, consisting of Amy Betros and Norm Paolini, Co-Founders and Co-Directors, and 15 full time lay missionaries, strive to live the Gospel message of God\’s great love and mercy for all His children through service to His poor and broken. This service is carried out through living the Corporal and Spiritual works of mercy. The community strives to proclaim, through the grace of the Holy Spirit, the goodness and greatness of God and His great love and mercy for all people in everything they think, say and do.

St. Luke\’s Mission of Mercy does not receive money from the government or the diocese. Trusting in God\’s Divine Providence, the ministry depends on donations, both big and small, of many individuals who give generously from what God has blessed them with so that others may live. God, in His goodness, continues to bless the work of the Mission by inspiring those who have to share with those who do not.

Together let us work toward a fullness of life, for all people, of all ages, of all cultures, of all social status, and of all faiths. Let our tools be unconditional acceptance, peaceful understanding and loving forgiveness in order to restore human dignity to the lonely, the broken-hearted, and the mentally and physically oppressed.

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