School Profile

St. Joseph Academy

St. Joseph Academy

Coed: Grades K-12

Contact Information

  • Founder/Principal: Sister Mary Ruth Masters
  • 175 Rich Cove Rd. Maggie Valley, NC 28751
  • (828) 926-5385
School Summary

A private Catholic day school nestled in the heart of North Carolina’s Smoky Mountains, St. Joseph Academy was established in 1993 for the purpose of providing a Christian alternative to contemporary education. While classes are combined, individualized instruction is given with special emphases devoted to the individual needs of the pupil. Teachers monitor and evaluate student progress constantly to find instructional methods best suited to the individual needs of each student while striving for excellence and achievement. Communication between teacher and parent is perhaps the most important element to a successful educational experience; therefore, parents are not only invited to the school at any time, but are encouraged to regularly visit the school and meet with their child’s teachers to discuss the child’s progress. Special attention is given to Math and Reading. Phonics and traditional English grammar are emphasized. Foreign languages, History and Geography, Science, Handwriting, Physical Education, Music and Art balance out a well rounded curriculum. Along with respect for and responsibility to God and Country, students are taught to love and respect themselves, their families, and others. The goal of St. Joseph Academy is to provide the best opportunity for each student to develop his or her potential, socially and spiritually as well as academically.

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