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St. Ignatius Preparatory School

St. Ignatius Preparatory School

Coed: K-12

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St. Ignatius Prep is committed to the Catholic tradition, which emphasizes God’s plain revelation of Himself in the order and natural law of science, math and history and also God’s unique revelation in the Magisterium (teaching office of bishops in union with the Pope) of the Roman Catholic Church.  

We look to the discoveries of humanity in science, math, technology, medicine and human endeavor as good in so far as they are tempered and guided by the faith and morals of the Church.  

  • Mottoad majorem Dei gloriam (“For the Greater Glory of God”), often abbreviated “AMDG.”

St. Ignatius, while independent and governed by a Board of Directors and Trustees, is in dialogue with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charleston to be recognized as a Catholic school.

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