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St. Ambrose Academy

St. Ambrose Academy

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St. Ambrose Academy
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St. Ambrose Academy’s mission is to prepare high school students for college and a lifetime of learning by providing them with a classical education in the Trivium (Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric), Catholic doctrine and history, modern subjects, and the primary works of civilization\’s greatest thinkers, mentored by teachers who foster a deep love of Jesus Christ and His Church.

The high school curriculum introduces the student to the great works of Christendom. Works are studied in an introductory manner suited to the intellectual capacity of the student; students are not expected to display exceptional ability or college-level understanding. One of the characteristics of “great books” is that they are accessible, like Sacred Scripture, on a wide variety of levels. One needs no specialized training to see their beauty and experience their power.

The methods and the objectives of our curriculum are Ignatian in their foundation in order to prepare the student for the study of these great works of our culture. Each book read and each history studied is the preparation for the student to appreciate and approach the great works. which represent the great epics of literature and are important introductions to the reading and study of Scripture. Each work is an epic in its own right and a commentary on the work proceeding it.

St. Ambrose Academy maintains small classes, so that each student receives personal attention and accelerates at his own pace.  The student masters the tools of learning through a routine of instruction and independent work.  Most schoolwork is accomplished during the school day while teachers are available to answer questions, leaving ample time for the student\’s family life and extracurricular pursuits after school.

The most important element in the approach of our school is the teaching staff.  We are recruiting teachers that can cover a wide range of subjects in an integrated fashion.  Since the students have the same teacher for most subjects, common themes can be emphasized throughout the day.  Literature is no longer ripped from its historical context. The study of History is no longer separated from Salvation History.  Faith and Reason thereby emerge as complementary and interdependent, not conflicting and separate.

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