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Regina Angelorum Academy

Regina Angelorum Academy

Coed: Grades PreK-8

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It is the mission of Regina Angelorum Academy to promote and nurture the intellectual growth and talents of elementary school children through the time-tested classical liberal arts course of study. Students study and learn in a wholesome and rigorous academic environment.  The Catholic faculty integrates the Magisterial teaching and Tradition of the Catholic Church throughout the curriculum. In partnership with their families, boys and girls are taught to be effective Catholic citizens and leaders. They are taught to know, love, and serve God and neighbor, aware of their ultimate purpose in life, eternal happiness with God in Heaven. The fundamental principles of classical education are based on practical wisdom that has been the foundation of Catholic education from the beginning. The keystone of classical education is the Trivium which simply recognizes the natural development of a child. These can be thought of as the knowledge, understanding and wisdom stages of human development. The Trivium applies in nearly every educational sphere because it accounts for the entire range of what education is supposed to do: The learner must acquire information, grasp it intellectually, and use it purposefully.  Sometimes these three development phases are termed the grammar, logic and rhetoric stages of learning.

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