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Queen of Heaven Academy

Queen of Heaven Academy

Coed: Grades 4-12

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Queen of Heaven Academy
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Who We Are

Queen of Heaven Academy offers a 4th – 12th grade online curriculum that is faithful to the intellectual, moral, and spiritual traditions of the Catholic Church.The direct descendant of Regina Coeli Academy founded in 1995, the Academy’s primary purpose is to enable students to learn and apply God’s truth in their lives. Our classical-based curriculum is taught by highly qualified faculty, many with years of online experience, who are experts in their fields.

What We Do

The Academy offers live, interactive online courses to homeschooled students and students enrolled in private schools. The curriculum provides discussion of various areas of study with teachers and peers using audio, video, text, and whiteboard. Teachers and staff provide accountability by providing scheduled classes, daily lesson plans, and frequent assessment of course material.

Who We Serve

Since its inception in 1995, Queen of Heaven Academy has successfully enrolled homeschooled students in its online 4th – 12th grade programs. The QHA curriculum is also used in Catholic schools and support groups located in the United States and Canada. Students, full-time and part-time, enroll in Queen of Heaven Academy.background

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