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Lumen Christi Catholic School

Lumen Christi Catholic School

Coed: Grades pre-K-12

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Lumen Christi Catholic School
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Lumen Christi Catholic School is an independent Catholic pre-K-12 school in downtown Indianapolis.  Lumen Christi is both faithfully Catholic and classically inspired. It has a joyful atmosphere and traditional Catholic spirituality that includes daily Mass for all students. Lumen Christi integrates faith and virtue into all aspects of the curriculum, with small classes focused on uplifting reading materials, a simple environment, and a focus on the fundamentals.  The entire faculty signs an oath of fidelity to the Magisterium of the Church. We operate with the permission of the Archbishop of Indianapolis, but Lumen Christi forgoes public and parochial funding on which other schools depend in order to preserve the integrity of our mission. Lumen Christi Catholic School is established to teach the unity of faith and reason, through the Light that is Christ Jesus, for the formation of young Catholics in truth and virtue.  Lumen Christi’s Patroness is Our Lady of Guadalupe and our Patron is Saint Thomas Aquinas.

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