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John Paul II Academy

John Paul II Academy

Coed: Grades PreK-12

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To provide an educational choice for pre-kindergarten through 6th grade, using a classical curriculum and the Catholic Tradition to establish a solid foundation for the Liberal Arts and the discipline needed to develop critical thinking skills as well as instill in them a love for truth and the formation of virtue.

“Be not afraid.” John Paul II 

 With great autonomy, our educational techniques, innovative programs and exceptional curriculum are designed to fit the needs of individual students. Wevalue the foundation the subject material provides, but also the intangibles that make up much of a liberal arts curriculum. As children develop their intellect and moral habits, they will internalize truth and beauty. You now have an opportunity to pursue a better educational choice for your child that is more rigorous, less costly, less intrusive, and more accountable.

The Classical Curriculum

Classical education is part of a small, but growing revitalization based on a time-tested model of teaching and learning. In line with John Paul II’s encyclical, Faith and Reason, independent schools across the nation have used classical education to increase student test scores. John Paul II is grateful to St. John Bosco School of Rochester for their support.


Being a Christ-centered education means that the faith is integrated throughout the day, learning through history the important role of God in the “story of the world” as well as studying scripture itself. Studying those examples in history that have made a difference in the lives of others provides role models and witnesses of the Christian virtues and values that instill strong character.


Curriculum that is both chronological and integrates the major subject areas allows a student to grow with a deeper understanding of the information they are introduced to. This gives them the foundation, like the border of a puzzle, to place all future knowledge into an order that makes sense, providing them with a natural tendency to think critically and become active learners, with the desire to spend their lives filling in “the puzzle.”

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