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Immaculate Heart of Mary School


Coed: Grades K-12

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Immaculate Heart of Mary School (IHM) is a traditional primary and secondary school in the Catholic tradition, run by the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Education at IHM School is firmly rooted in Catholicity. We believe what was said so strongly by Ven. Emmanuel d’Alzon: “Education is the formation of Jesus Christ in souls.” The School’s tasks, therefore, are to inform our students’ intellects with the truth concerning nature and grace, to guide their wills into the moral Good of the natural and supernatural orders, and to direct their emotions toward the Beauty of God andHis creation. Te rue, the Good, and the Beautiful —the pursuit of this “trinity” leads us to the Holy Trinity.Part of the mission of IHM School is to inculcate in our students such things as reverence, virtue, honor, sanctity, self-mastery, love of truth, zeal, and true friendship, that is, a friendship rooted in the life of grace. We do this by classroom instruction, example, encouragement, and close cooperation with the primary educators of our students: their own parents.
IHM School strives to inculcate gentlemanly chivalry and ladylike manners in our boys and girls respectively, and courtesy in all. Courtesy, chivalry, and respect for gender roles are safeguards to Catholic morality and virtue, and strong foundations for the integral Catholic culture IHM School strives to build. Te various disciplines taught in the classroom are rooted in the patrimony of Western classical andChristian culture. Te dogmatic teachings of theCatholic Church are the certain foundations of our supernatural knowledge, while perennial natural philosophy gives us the foundations of natural science.
Our ideals of moral beauty are found in the Holy Family and the saints. Te Church’s traditional liturgy provides us with the foundations of aesthetic beauty, for from it came the various arts and crafts that adorned Christian culture. It is the conviction of IHM School’s founders that a “liberal education” must take precedence over a “servile education,” and that utilitarianism in education is a dangerous and profoundly undermining thing.
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