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Immaculata Classical Academy

Immaculata Classical Academy

Coed: Grades PreS-12th grade

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Immaculata Classical Academy
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Walking through the halls at Immaculata, one feels like one has stepped into another era- orderly and quiet hallways, clean, simple decor and children generally happy to be at school. Peeking in the classrooms, one hears Latin recitation, theological discussion, engaging teachers. Next one notices something special about the student body- diversity. Not only a diversity of color and age, but something different and perhaps more beautiful- at Immaculata all of God’s children are welcomed and included, from the typical child, to the child with special needs, to those who excel academically. There is room for all. Our vision at Immaculata Classical Academy is to create a school where every child is offered the best of the Catholic educational tradition and challenged to reach their own personal potential. We envision a rebuilding of the Church’s great academic tradition wherein the distinguished Jesuit schools of the Renaissance come alive, where the Church\’s language and that of the Romans is revered and thoroughly taught, and yet a school respecting the various personal abilities of God’s children, all of whom deserve the best of what the Church and tradition has to offer. As the Church has done in the past with Universities, hospitals, orphanages and schools, Immaculata, in the Catholic tradition, is taking the lead to rethink societal and private school models, especially in regards to children with special needs. We celebrate the dignity of each human life and strive to see each individual as God sees them. This leads us to the conviction that we cannot exclude these children from our schools, despite the great efforts, work and resources this demands of us. With the help of our Special Needs Coordinator, we strive to meet the needs of our children through accommodations and one-on-one tutoring. However, all of our children spend most of the day in the regular classroom where they are taught by dedicated and courageous teachers. Our Preschool-8th grade Academy is home also to students who excel academically, and who participate fully in our rigorous curriculum which includes Latin, Classical Studies, Theology, Math, English, Composition, Literature, Science and other core subjects. Our small class sizes allow us to meet the needs of each individual child and we strive to be in close cooperation with parents in our efforts to educate their children.

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