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Emerald Heights Academy


Coed: Grades PreK3-8

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Our mission is the transformation of our society through the formation of Christ-centered leaders in the Catholic tradition. Emerald Heights Academy strives to develop the whole person in its students. We do this by nurturing our students’ growth in four areas of formation: academic, spiritual, character, and apostolic

Our curriculum is accelerated and designed to equip our learners with a competitive advantage academically. In addition to a rigorous academic curriculum, we place equal value on character development, spiritual formation and apostolic life. Through these four areas of formation, Emerald Heights Academy is able to teach, educate and form the whole person.

Our mission is reflected in our school motto, Semper Altius, which is Latin for “Always Higher.” Emerald Heights Academy encourages our students to aim high and pursue excellence in all areas of their formation – for God, for their neighbors and for themselves.

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