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Aquinas Academy


Coed: Grades K3-8

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Aquinas Academy offers outstanding Catholic education in a private elementary school setting, located on our 68-acre campus in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. We are committed to forming the leaders of tomorrow by developing the whole person: intellectual, character, spiritual and apostolic. We offer Grades K3-8 in small class sizes, to allow our talented teachers to fully develop each child’s gifts. Our motto is “Semper Altius!” (Always Higher!) AquinasAcademy is a Catholic and classical learning community. We strive every day to live in keeping with a vibrant and authentic Catholic Faith; to form our minds and hearts to seek, recognize, and love whatever is genuinely beautiful, good, and true; and to discern and embrace our unique vocations.Aquinas Academy exists to cooperate with families in handing on the Catholic Faith and the culture of Western civilization to their children. In accomplishing this goal, we recognize the superiority of the time-tested classical educational methodology over the fluctuating trends of the modern progressive or secular humanist methodology. We encourage each other to strive to live the Catholic Faith with integrity so that we may experience the vitality that comes from a personal and communal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and so that each of us may set an example worthy of imitation.

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