Annual Accreditation Report


The following report describes any changes or anticipated changes in the original accreditation materials pertaining to the Standards of Excellence and Criteria for Accreditation. If no changes in these areas have occurred or are anticipated, the report should state that no changes have been made or are anticipated. This report does not require that any progress be made on the stated recommendations in the Self-Study and Visiting Team reports. Its purpose is to certify that there have been no changes in the school’s purpose, organization and operation that would affect its accreditation status. Please attach additional pages, if necessary.

Before continuing with the annual report, please confirm that you have first submitted an updated version of your My NAPCIS profile, up to and including, current enrollment. If there are any changes to the school’s profile on the Find-a-School site, you may also make those changes at My NAPCIS.

Criterion I: Integrity, Mission, and Objectives

Criterion II: Curriculum

(include name, degree, religious affiliation, grade level, subjects taught if specialized, and the date of hire)

Criterion IV: Students

Please update your enrollment information in your My NAPCIS profile.*

Criterion V: Facilities

Criterion VI: Governance

(include name, religious affiliation, and beginning date of term)
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Accreditation Renewal Fee:

An accreditation fee is paid on an annual basis.

The annual renewal fees are based on the enrollment of the school for the current school year.

Base Rate: $5.00/student

Minimum Fee: $150 for a school with fewer than 30 students

Maximum Fee: $500 for a school with more than 100 students

*It is recommended that the accreditation renewal fee be included in the school’s annual budget and the costs

applied to the registration fee paid by families each school year. Parents will appreciate knowing that a portion of

their registration fee is designated for the annual per student assessment for NAPCIS accreditation.

Calculate your own rate and pay your renewal fee online by clicking below: