California Earthquake hits NAPCIS schools

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This note comes from Eileen Cubanski:

Please keep in your prayers all of our friends in Napa, CA. Kolbe Academy/Trinity Prep and Kolbe Academy Home School both sustained significant damage. While our friends and colleagues try to cope with the impact on both schools, they also deal with recovering their personal loss in the severe damage to their homes. It’s a tremendous challenge, as they clean up and rebuild.

I have no doubt in the resilience and absolute trust in God’s hand in their lives. The folks at Kolbe/Trinity and Kolbe Home School will unite as a family, as they have always done and come out the other side of this stronger and more committed to their mission. It was Dianne Muth who stated that mission and it became the banner mission of NAPCIS, “It’s all about salvation of souls and academic excellence.”

Please pray extra prayers that the damage sustained to the Kolbe Academy Home School, which is the home to the original Kolbe Academy day school, is not structurally damaged so as to make it unsafe to occupy.

God bless all of you in your efforts, most especially during this time, our friends in Napa.

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