School start-up and Common Core are hot topics at this year’s conference

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Angelus Academy, a senior member NAPCIS school, was the site for the13th national NAPCIS conference in Springfield, Virginia. Several of those in attendance were seeking information and encouragement in starting their own schools. A tour of this successful NAPCIS school, and interaction with administrators from existing schools, provided encouragement and direction for those seeking to join the NAPCIS network of 71 member schools and 21 accredited schools.

Discussions at the conference focused on the many distinctions between the mission and purpose of Catholic schools and the Common Core.  Topics covered underlying philosophies of education, problematic new instructional approaches required by the Common Core, components for successful school start-ups, the relationship between Classical and Liberal Arts Catholic schools, what to do about standardized testing in light of the Common Core, as well as many other issues that came up in informal conversations between participants.  Renewing old friendships and establishing new ones was, as always, one of the greatest blessings of this year’s conference.

Bob Laird of the Cardinal Newman Society also presented a preliminary sketch of the Cardinal Newman Society’s plans for increased outreach to Catholic K-12 schools, including possible ways to assist NAPCIS schools and enhance or transform initiatives NAPCIS has long championed such as teacher education and accreditation. Stay tuned for more!

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